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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 23, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> very surprising. we don't usually have that here. >> an alert santa clara broadcast message has began out to people. what we are telling people is if you are home lock your doors and windows until you are notified by police. >> the suspect is described as a hispanic man in his 20s. he is not believed be armed but police are preparing for the worst. they have the home surrounded. at this point is a waiting game. people are allowed to go in the area if they are escorted by a police officer. they are hoping for the best and there are a lot of questions tonight. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. now to our other breaking story. a freak accident has taken a woman's life. look that. a gravel truck and it tipped over on to the roof of the woman's car, crushing her inside. nbc bay area's terry sweeney is
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there. the gravel crew asked the woman to get in the car and move the car when it tipped over. >> and that's exactly what she was doing, add together bizarre nature of this tragedy out here. you can see the truck exactly where it was, the second that it dumped that load on top of the woman, crushing her in her drive way. take a look right now at some video that we have. this happened at about 1:00 this afternoon. a huge gravel truck from j.j. r construction coming down shell avenue. they wanted to drop that gravel at the sidewalk construction project going on up and down the block on shell avenue in front of this woman's house. cal osha told us someone with the construction crew asked the woman to move her car. she said she would. that's when she get in the vehicle and the truck trailer tip offered crushing her car and killing her. now a number of people nearby tried to rescue her. >> two guys tried to figure out, and they asked, is someone in that car, they said yeah. i tried to help them dig and i
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cut my fingers on the broken glass, but i yelled at them to get the backhoe and try to roll it over with the backhoe. the backhoe isn't a big enough tractor to pick the truck up. sthds they ripped open the back door but it was too late. the woman crushed to death if her car in her drive way. she was about to move her car after being asked to do so by a construction worker. they are doing the sidewalk work out here. of course the question is what was that truck moving that made it all over on top of that woman, crushing her right there in her drive way. terry mcsweeney nbc bay area news. >> that is a horrible story. thank you, terry. a brushfire burning dangerously close home to. this is in valencia. here is a shot from nbc chopper on the scene. this is six flags magic mountain
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theme park. north of l.a. firefighters on the ground and helicopters performing water drops. well continue to monitor this break willing story throughout the evening. well they weren't big but big enough to rattle nerves. did you feel them in 2.7 magnitude around 8:45 a.m. north of morgan hill. you see here about 45 minutes later. 2.9 in los gatos area. then a 1.7. these quakes are a good test. they were recorded by sensors just installed at the brand new san jose earthquake soccer stadium. usgf invited us to see what it looked like when it came in and thousand read it. >> these are three different component of the motion. so these are the two surface motions and this is the -- so if you are standing here you would feel up and down like this and then feel these ones.
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side to side motion. >> you see it there. by the way be the new other quake stadium, there are no reports of damage or injuries. >> you might call it a 1-2 punch. the water district is expected to ask customers to come back even more on the water they use. but they are also working up as well. marianne favro is live at water district headquarters with this call to conserve. it could be historic but also painful. >> some people are already conserving quite a bit. they are wondering how they will do it even more. if you take a look at the ground water basin, you see why. most families have to cut back significantly on watering their yards. >> too many people in the south bay are still doing this watering lawns in the middle of the day. which is one reason why the santa clara valley water district will vote tomorrow on
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whether to request the highest water use reduction ever. >> the board tomorrow will look at the water supply update and consider whether to increase the water usage restriction goal from 20% up to 30%. >> he says most average households use a 400 gallons of water a day would be able to achieve 309% goal by cutting their outdoor water use in half and saving a little indoors by doing fewer loads of laundry and taking shorter showers. the board will also consider asking people to limit watering their yards to just two days a week. joe winslow of san jose says she has cut back on how much she waters her yard but says she is still willing do even more. >> i think it's a good idea. because we are in a bad way here in california. >> such a bleak picture in addition to asking you to conserve more the water district may soon ask for more money. likely voting on a 19% rate increase in may.
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>> to give you some perspective, last year the district asked everyone to cut back 20%. but people only managed to cut back 1%. 13%. maryianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> that's snow. take a look at donner summit. rain fell across the bay area. jeff ranieri will track totals for us and let us know if there is any more ahead. >> cold and injured but alive. a uc santa barbara student was missing but found alive. he and his friends went to the park on saturday. after a short hike his friends reported him missing. that launched a search and rescue mission involving 50 people from five counties including marin. about 11:00 this morning, park
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visitors visitors recognized him from the lower falls. he was hospitalized from head injuries and hypothermia. no other details were released about how he got hurt. >> demonstrators chained themselves outside the mission district station in valencia. all of there to remember alex you remember a year ago, police officers shot him in the park. four police officers said he was acting erratically and that he aimed a taser at them which they mistook for a handgun. prosecutors announced they would file no charges against the officers. there was a mock trial for the officers. parents are now activists on his behalf. >> throughout the year there have been no justice. nothing has happened. and so that's why we're here. to ask for justice. >> many protesters tonight will attend a town hall meeting called in response to an officer-involved shooting which
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happened last week. >> who's going run for president? the 2016 presidential campaign is now officially under way. >> i am announcing that i am running for president of the united states. >> at his texas tea party senator ted cruz announcing his running. cruz is not the best known or best finance candidate but he is the first, keep in mind. hillary clinton and jeb bush have not yet announced their candidacy. as for cruz conservative activists love the 44-year-old freshman senator. the republican establishment though does not. who is best known for his 21-hour filibuster aimed at killing obama care. the now infamous moment from that speech is cruz reading green eggs and ham, a dr. seuss classic. cruz made it clear, repealing obama care would be a big part of his campaign. >> imagine in 2017 a new president, signing legislation repealing every word of obama care.
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>> it is expected to be a crowded field. eight or nine more republicans expected to eye nouns white house bids in coming months. >> tomorrow morning, matt lauer will sit down with senator cruz and his wife and their first joint interview since he announced his candidacy. the "today" show starts at 7:00 a.m. on nbc bay area. the terror group isis listed a hit list with names, addresses and even photos of u.s. military members. isis is advising them to be aware, to exercise caution and stay off social media. the islamic state hacking system is going after the people. the information appears to have been gathered from social media sites and there is no evidence after computer hack. >> coming up on nightly news a closer look at the hit list. plus a growing fear that isis has its eyes set on yemen, a country on the brink of civil war.
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that is right after this newscast at 5:30. >> we're learning a lot more tonight about the hiker who died when a trail collapsed. i'm jodi hernandez in point reyes. i will have a live report coming up. >> damian trujillo live in san jose where there may soon be new rules for homeowners in the area with wood burning fire places p. that's coming up. >> good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we started off with rain fall. eventually, yes, we did get sunshine. coming up well talk about drastic changes this week and the next possibility of showers. then at 6:00 never too late for a dream to come true. >> then the phone calls come and your whole life changes. >> how this bay area street musician went from playing outside a bart station to playing on a national stage. that's new at 6:00.
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tonight a popular trail on marin county collapsed, killing a hiker. nancy blum of san francisco. her hiking partner is still in the hospital tonight. we just received new information about that woman killed in the collapse, jodi? >> reporter: jessica, we have learned that 58-year-old nancy blum was a teacher at sarah prae school in san francisco where she taught for the past ten years. the director of that school called her a bright shining light who loved children and loved to hike. certainly she had no idea when she set off on this trail on saturday she would never return. >> it could have been any of us. >> that's how hikers who frequent point reyes are feeling
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tonight. after a a 50-foot section that takes folks to a popular lookout called arch rock collapsed. a woman identified as 58-year-old nancy blum died wp she she fell some 70 feet. her friend was injured but is expected to survive. >> i've been on that trail many many times. it ises a easy to imagine being on it. that's why i'm feeling like we're lucky more people weren't injured. >> the staff became aware of a crack and put up signs urging park goers not to venture out there. >> nobody knew when it got there, how it got there, or what it meant. we just saw it as, at the very minimal, some kind of tripping hazard or something worse. >> it is completely fenceiedy fenced off but people can see the damage from up above.
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joe rubio took this video yes. he said it is stunning. >> not just a small little slide. it is a big chunk. >> we are back here live where you're looking at signage informing hikers that the trail lead together arch rock overlook is now closed. mean while, those who know and love ms. blum say that at least they have a sense of peace knowing that she lived life to the fullest. reporting live at point reyes, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> you might remember hundreds of birds covered in the mystery goo discovered in san francisco bay, that has fired a state lawmaker to introduce new legislation. currently there is no funding for a clean-up. so nonprofits had to use their limited budget to save the bird covered in the bay. state senator's new legislation will allow the states prevention
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and response team to borrow money from the state's oil spill prevention fund to help. the money would then be repaid after the offending party is identified. >> responsible party will have to not only reimburse the nonprofit organizations for upwards of $300,000 of expenses. they will have to pay a fine and they will also have to pay for any additional environmental mitigation that may be necessary. >> and the problem is, they still don't know exactly what that goo is. a wildlife aid legislation could be on the governor's desk by this summer. >> taking you outside now because of increasingly bad air in our bay area skies. selling your home may come with a new hurdle. here is a lock at san jose. you may be required to convert your wood running fire place to one to runs on natural gas or electricity. damian, one of the biggest questions for people right now, how much could this cost?
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>> could be quite a bit of money. from the bay area air quality management it could go into effect by next winter. >> the proposal is good news for penguin fire places in san jose. they have seen an uptick in sales for gas burning and electric fire places. partly due to a high number of winters spare the air days. >> they are not letting you burn. they're preventing that. when people are cold they need heat. >> in fact wbt bay area air quality management district said wood burning is the biggest source of pollution in the area. >> it continues to be a concern. we still are seeing significant localized impacts. especially if inland valleys here in the bay area. >> by next winter the agency is considering a proposal forcing anyone who was selling a home to replace their standard fire place with a nonwood burning
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fire place. >> we will have impact on the market. we won't be seeing it so much right now since it is a seller's market. but in the future, once the market takes a turn, it will affect future sales. >> mary lou says roughly 80% of the homes she lists have wood burning fire places. the cost to replace each one, penguin fire places, roughly 5 to $6,000. >> the bay area air quality management district will hold a series of workshops throughout the region to discuss this proposal. that first workshop gets under way on wednesday evening from 6 tock 8:00 at morgan hills community center. live in san jose i'm damian trujillo nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. could be expensive for a lot of people. >> jeff ranieri, whacky day. first it was cold in the morning
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and the sun coming out. >> we did have rain fall this morning, most of the consistent rain fall is across washington oregon extreme northern california. we did get just a little bit of rain fall here throughout the bay area. late last night, early this morning, 2300. we will get you to the doppler radar right now. closest measurable rain fall is well north of ukiah but there is a chance here of maybe getting some of this in the forecast. we will have more of that coming up. let's take you outside of the sky camera network right now. 64 in the south bay. east bay at 65 then back here towards the north bay at 62. while we have the sunshine tomorrow we are going to see that increase cloud cover across the bay area. we can see the chilly side and high clouds overhead and also notice in san francisco and the north bay, the change of spotty showers and also isolated shores
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so we can show that you well in the futurecast. and what you will see again through tomorrow morning and all areas expecting cloud cover to increase still again and bubbling up across and the best chance of sonoma county and dealing with cloud cover. and as we continue throughout the afternoon, we keep those partly sunny skies in place here for good section of the bay area. so we take you to your micro climate forecast. and we can see temperatures slightly above averages and we will have some of the most sunshine down in the south bay. but the peninsula, you will have those clouds here throughout the pacific and also foster city temperatures in the upper 60s. for san francisco, keeping a slight chance of a shower in forest hill also for the marina. mainly dry. for the north bay and east bay and a slight chance of showers throughout napa and santa rosa. oakland, staying partly sunny
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and likely see rays of sunshine here back towards lafayette. definitely more sun in lafayette than in orinda. for the tri-valley expecting 70. tomorrow an odd day for us. not totally a rainy day. nor is it going to be totally sunny. but we will see things shift. as we head throughout wednesday, thursday and friday of this week this will now make the fifth week in a row of some record setting temperatures at least arriving at some point during the week. this area of high pressure bringing back not only 70s but the potential of 80s. let's look that weather trend, obviously no 80s tomorrow. we talked about that. by wednesday, upper 70s. on thursday and also friday and san jose temperatures to the low and mid 80s. another record-setting day with temperatures by saturday. we will begin to see numbers cool off here. that's also where we will likely have the possibility of a few showers in san francisco. so get ready for warm weather. it is going to be coming back
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sooner rather than later. >> thank you, jeff. a once in alifetime country. >> also bay area grocery stores going out of business. we will tell you why. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
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fresh and easy down and out. the grocery store clan will shut down about 50 stores in california, arizona and nevada. after two years in the bay arab with the british owned chain says stores aren't doing as well as expected. the bay area stores to close, here they are, danville san francisco, walnut creek, pleasanton, pacifica, vacaville and hayward. no word on how many of the 500 employees will lose their job. powerhouse representation at the white house today. of the 35 young science fair winners showing off research two from san jose. 19-year-old natalie from cupertino is freshman at stanford. complicated start support her invention which is a diagnostic tool to help doctors customize treatment for breast cancer treatments. >> it is an absolutely surreal experience to be here. i could never imagine that all of the research i did in high
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school could have brought me here. >> the president clearly impressed by the tiny biocensor invented by panda from san jose lynbrook high. a single drop of blood can test for specific biomarkers speeding up the heart condition. recognized for work on fabric strength which has the potential application in hazmat and for space suites. >> amazing what they are doing. >> so smart. >> congratulations to all of them. >> up next a surprise guest which hitched a ride with a surfer here in california.
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want to give you an update to our breaking news. we started the news with the standoff in a quiet palo alto neighborhood. it has ended. police arrested a robbery suspect inside after home on else nor drive. police have arrested a suspect, a burglary suspect, inside a home off of elsinore drive, off of oregon expressway. it was a tense afternoon for neighbors here. >> coming up at 6:00 a recall involving a local food company. what is behind that recall and what you need know. that's tonight at 6:00 right after nightly news. >> a sea lion who just wanted to hang ten. dan murphy surfing just north of san diego when the little pup jumped right on his surf board and hugged him. at first he thought he was being attacked. but it turns out the little guy just wanted a little hug and
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board time. they spent about an hour together before they today part ways. >> that is the cutest thing ever. >> great video. thanks for joining us. lester holt joins us now. on this monday night, the isis hit list. what we're learning about the american troops whose names and faces are on it, as u.s. forces are evacuated from a country on the brink of civil war. off and running. ted cruz making it official becoming the first major party candidate to jump in the race for president. a stunning turn in the campus rape investigation that sparked a national conversation. what police revealed today. danger on the tracks, including the film crew trapped with nowhere to run. tonight, the feds sounding the alarm about just how often tragedy strikes. and return to iwo jima. we're there with the american heroes 70 years later. "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in


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